Hi everyone! Sorry, about my little Mission Monday break last week- time just got away from me! But, I’m back! I’ve mentioned before that this Link-up is open to anyone living out evangelization in their daily lives, not just current missionaries- so today I’m sharing how the Lord has called me to live out evangelization in my life apart from FOCUS.

This past spring when we were eagerly awaiting our new assignment, I was praying so hard to be placed in Denver. So many of my friends live in the area and I’ve always wanted to live in Colorado. As we were driving a long 12 hour road trip to Alabama Zach got a call that we knew would be about our assignment. As he was on the phone, I remember looking out the window praying “please be Denver, please be Denver!” When suddenly, I heard the Lord speak very clearly to me. He said, “I need you in Orlando”. Instantly after hearing this I had absolute peace. Somewhere in my heart I knew that this was God’s will and that I wanted to go where I was called. Zach got off the phone and told me we were going to Orlando. He was surprised by my rather accepting response since I was so excited at the prospect of Denver, but I knew everything would be alright and that this was God’s will.

I’ll be honest, when I heard this call from the Lord, I interpreted it as “I need you (plural- all the Kruegers) in Orlando” as in this was the placement that He needed Zach to have to be most effective in our ministry of FOCUS. I figured God was giving me a little heads up to soften the blow of what I would need to tag along with. Once we moved, it was not long after that I had a realization of what that call truly meant. He wasn’t saying that He needed us in Orlando because of Zach’s placement in FOCUS. He was speaking directly to me! “I need YOU in Orlando”. I have been so blessed to have found my own apostolate here in Orlando. Not only am I involved with our ministry of FOCUS, but God has shown me so many ways he is calling me to minister to other mothers and wives here in Orlando at our own parish. Without really knowing it, I had fallen into believing a lie that God didn’t really have a specific plan for my life-that I’m just following Zach’s lead. But, on the contrary, He is reaffirming in me the gifts that I have and how I can use them to build up his kingdom. I’m so excited to share more with you on how I’m living out this call here in Orlando!


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