I’ve told you a lot about what Zach does for FOCUS lately, but I haven’t filled you in much on my side of things. I’m undertaking a big project with another FOCUS Wife- The FOCUS Wives Podcast! Mirna (the other DCO wife in the Southeast Region) are recording a monthly podcast to be distributed to all the wives in FOCUS. The purpose is to help us build community, feel united in the mission with each other and our spouses and help us embrace God’s call for each of us individually as missionary wives. It can be easy to forget to identify with the mission of FOCUS as a wife, but there are so many ways for us to contribute to the mission of FOCUS with an active ‘yes’ rather than having a passive stance and labeling yourself as a wife of a missionary. We are FOCUS families and everyone from husbands, to wives, to children are part of building up the kingdom through this apostolate.

Mirna and I recording our first FOCUS Wives Podcast episode with our freaky looking microphone!

Mirna and I recording our first FOCUS Wives Podcast episode with our freaky looking microphone!

We have a variety of topics we’ll be covering throughout the year from scheduling with your spouse to MPD (Mission Partner Development-fundraising) as a couple. We’ve recorded our first episode that will launch in the next couple days- and it was a BLAST to record. It has a lot of technical components that we’re still learning how to navigate- so it makes me feel kind of dumb and smart all at the same time.  But, I’m really excited to be a part of this project and I’m looking forward to all the fruits that will come from it!

Who knows, maybe this will lead to an Our Life as First World Missionaries podcast in the future!


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