Harper, this one’s for you!

  1. Her first birthday is right around the corner and I cannot get over how grown up she is getting to be! It seems like yesterday I was announcing to you all that baby #2 had finally arrived and giving you all the scoop on how she got here!IMG_2764
  2. She’s becoming so independent and loves to explore everything. She started walking a few weeks ago, and now there’s no stopping her. She’ walking, running, dancing and climbing on everything! In addition to being incredibly active, she still enjoys moments of contemplation and likes to find tiny places to perch and just ‘be’ and ponder life. She is so content. IMG_3154
  3. And yet she wants in on the action and loves to be a part of what the rest of the family is doing. Which is so crazy to watch because I think she is doing so much more than your average almost one year old. She loves blowing out candles, using Flannery’s Stethoscope, and cleaning the carpet and walls with washcloths. I think my favorite thing to watch is Harper and Flannery putting away the silverware from the dishwasher. Harper hands it to Flan, and Flannery puts it in the drawer. We start young here- everybody has a job to do!IMG_3156
  4. I thought Flannery was a pretty easy going baby, but Harper is even more so. Talk about chill. She is so easy going, it takes a lot to get her feathers ruffled- which makes being a mom of two so much easier. Oh, Harper I’m eternally grateful for your calm demeanor. IMG_3149
  5. She is so tender and loving- hugs and kisses are her favorite thing in the whole world, its the sweetest thing. She is so great at nestling in for a good cuddle- I hope she doesn’t grow out of that any time soon!IMG_3133
  6. She’s a sucker! She sucks her thumb when she’s falling asleep or gets upset,  and its nearly impossible to pry her Camelback water bottle from her arms. And there’s always the milk boobs. Recently she stumbled upon our stash of pacifiers, so every so often she comes bounding around the corner with a pipe in her mouth and a little stuffed buddy in her arm. It’s purely recreational I think. IMG_3118
  7. I think the biggest change that’s taken place in the last weeks is how much she understands, responds and tries to communicate with us. She can carry out simple tasks that I ask her, and she is always jabbering about something!IMG_3153

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– Meghan

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